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  • 2 Programs, 2 Days:
    Building Your Own
    Learning Plan

    Register for two days of learning and development and you’ll be ready to make your organization a top employer on campus!

    Every recruiter should attend the Fundamentals of Campus Recruiting Certificate Program at least once and then return annually for the Trends & Best Practices program which is completely new each year.

    The Fundamentals of Campus Recruiting Certificate Program is like “Campus 101” – everything a campus recruiter needs to know to develop a successful and truly strategic campus recruiting program.

    The following day, recruiters of all experience levels can learn all the latest Trends & Best Practices. Whether it’s your first time, or you’ve attended many times before, you are certain to learn many new proven strategies and tactics.

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  • Day 1:
    The Fundamentals of Campus Recruiting

    The Fundamentals of Campus Recruiting is Canada’s only comprehensive training program for professionals wishing to increase their expertise and advance their careers in campus recruiting.

    The program provides participants with the tools to take a more strategic approach to developing a high impact student recruitment program. Topics include developing strategy, employer branding, building a presence on campus, co-op/internship programs, leadership programs, on-boarding, and more.

    Participants form a cohort network to support their development while acquiring an important qualification to advance their career in recruitment.

    All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program.

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  • Day 2:
    Campus Recruiting Trends & Best Practices

    Trends & Best Practices is the “core program” of the Campus Recruiting Forum. It features presentations by experienced campus recruiters, researchers, campus career professionals, and even panels of students and grads. A wide range of best practices will be discussed and participants are encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences to ensure their specific challenges are explored.

    This day is for everyone involved in hiring students from university and college campuses regardless of experience level. This includes individuals involved in human resources and talent management strategy, campus recruiters, and front-line hiring managers.

    Register your whole campus team for The Trends & Best Practices and you’ll come away with specific tactics and strategies to build a stronger talent pipeline and attract the best on campus.

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About The Forum

  • What is the Forum?

    The Campus Recruiting Forum is the #1 conference in Canada designed exclusively for employers of university and college students and recent grads.

    Every year, both new recruiters and seasoned professionals leave with new ideas and actionable strategies that will make an immediate impact on their talent attraction programs on campus.

    If your goal is to be a top employer on campus and attract the best while getting a great return on the resources you invest, then you can’t afford to miss the Campus Recruiting Forum.

    Review the program topics, have a look at the testimonials right here, and register now.

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  • Need Your Boss’s Approval?

    Attending the Forum is a great investment in ensuring your organization attracts, hires, and retains the best talent.

    It’s probably obvious to you that the Campus Recruiting Forum would be a great investment of your time. The more expertise (and broader network) you bring to your work, the better.

    But your boss might need a little more convincing. So, we’ve created a template you can use to prepare your business case to persuade your leaders that attending will be an excellent investment. Click the button below to download the template.

  • Who should attend?

    Everyone involved in hiring students from Canadian university and college campuses will learn new actionable strategies and tactics at The Forum. This includes HR leaders, talent acquisition strategists, recruiters, and front-line hiring managers.

    Past Campus Recruiting Forums have attracted employers from all sized organizations and from all industries. Attend The Forum whether you are hiring a few students each year, dozens, or even hundreds.

    Whether you are hiring co-ops, interns, summer students, or new graduates, you will learn about effective tactics and practices to increase your success.

    You can view a partial list of the hundreds of employers that have attended here.

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2018 Program Schedules (2019 Schedules TBA)

  • Day One
    Campus Recruiting Fundamentals
    Registration & Breakfast
    Introduction to Campus Recruiting
    How it differs from other recruiting; major processes and timelines; and, key relationships.
    Strategic Planning
    Determining the core purpose of campus recruitment for your organization and priorities for success.
    Networking & Refreshment Break
    Campus Relations & Building Your Presence
    Building Your Business Case
    Researching and compiling evidence to support investment in student and graduate hiring.
    Employer Branding & Your EVP
    What is an EVP; how and why to develop your EVP; campus EVP vs general EVP; What is a brand; communicating brand; and, campus media.
    Conducting a Campus Recruiting Audit
    School Strategy with Focus
    Networking & Refreshment Break
    Becoming That Talent Consultant
    Co-op & Internships
    Key differences among co-op programs and internships; strategic use; keys to success.
    Talent Acquisition Framework
    4:15 - 4:30
    Closing Discussion
    Developing your network; helpful resources; discovering best practices.
  • Day Two
    Campus Recruiting Trends & Best Practices
    Registration & Breakfast
    Welcome & Opening Remarks
    “How Might We” Encourage Female Students to Pursue Careers in STEM?
    Interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics continues to be underrepresented by our next generation of young females. Using the same design thinking techniques we employ at our clients, our aim is to inspire attendees in this session to think critically about the problem, while discovering and taking ownership of innovative solutions for their unique campus programs. Accenture has made a public commitment to close the gender gap and reach a gender-balanced workforce by 2025, globally. Let's work collaboratively to open doors for women in STEM fields!
    Networking & Refreshment Break
    Success Tactics from the Front Line: Career Services Panel
    With shifts in the economy, new technologies and changing student attitudes, the campus recruitment landscape is always shifting. How are employers adapting in order to position themselves to attract and hire the best?

    This panel of front-line experts from campus career centers have witnessed both the best practices and the biggest mistakes of employers for many years. They will share their thoughts and engage you in the discussion on the changing marketplace while making recommendations for hiring effectively on campus.

    Questions that will be addressed include:

    - How has the campus recruitment landscape changed, and what’s next?
    - What is the most effective ways to build awareness and brand on campus?
    - What mistakes have employers made that others can learn from?
    - What are some recent best practices you’ve seen by employers on campus?

    Join the discussion and be sure to get your questions addressed.
    Networking & Refreshment Break
    Recruiting the Best on Campus: What Really Works
    This facilitated panel will give delegates an opportunity to hear directly from a diverse group of students and recent graduates about what really works when attracting and recruiting students on campus. What do they think of employers’ websites, their social media presence, and the in-person experiences created on campus and off? How have employers truly impressed them – or turned them off?

    During this panel discussion, you will learn how accurate your current perceptions are of students’ career preferences and what drives their decisions. Ask questions, listen to alternate perspectives and join the debate! This is your chance to get “up close and personal” with your future potential candidates.
    Networking Lunch
    What Are They Thinking? What Today's Students Want from Their Careers
    In spring of 2018, Brainstorm Strategy Group partnered with universities and colleges across Canada to survey more than 14,000 students regarding their career interests and aspirations.

    From this in-depth survey we developed The Brainstorm Student Career Interests Benchmark Report that provides insight into how students research career opportunities; what they aspire to in their careers; how they choose among employers; what they want from co-ops and internships; who influences their decisions; and, much more.

    In this workshop you’ll hear many highlights from the report that will help you determine how you build your brand on campus, how you position your opportunities, and how to engage with Canada’s top students.
    Networking & Refreshment Break
    Re-Imagine Campus Recruitment - Lessons Learned
    As we all know, finding the right talent is no easy task. The practice of applying to and interviewing for a job has not changed in hundreds of years. So we thought it would be ripe for redesign, if not reinvention.

    We asked the students to think about the following question: "How might we redesign the recruiting experience?"

    Over a 12 week period MBA teams learned about design thinking phases and methodologies. They then applied their learning to their peers and came back with ideas and feedback to help recruiters design the ultimate candidate campus experience. In this session, you will have the opportunity to hear the lessons learned from this design sprint and feedback from students on how to re-imagine the candidate experience. This sprint was completed last year through a partnership with faculty at the Rotman Design Works and the Full-Time MBA Career Centre.
    Networking & Refreshment Break
    Recruiting in a Competitive Campus Market: Employer Panel Discussion
    The focus of this panel is on sharing a variety of campus recruiting best practices and addressing your toughest challenges on campus. Each panelist will share brief insights into a different aspect of attracting candidates in a competitive market – what they’ve learned and how you can benefit from their experience. Next, the floor is open for participants to get expert responses to their toughest questions, such as: How important is your social media presence? Why aren’t students showing up at your info sessions? How do you address retention issues? Is there still a role for career fairs? Are virtual interviews a good option? How do you engage students? The floor is yours!
    4:20 - 4:30
    Closing Remarks & Discussion