Business Case Template

To help your organization understand the value of sending you to the Campus Recruiting Forum, use this template to prepare your business case. You can download it in Word here or simply copy and paste it from below.

Subject line: Campus Recruiting Forum – Waterloo, April 18th and 19th




I am writing to express my strong interest in attending this year’s Campus Recruiting Forum held in Waterloo, Ontario on April 18th and 19th, 2018.


My goal in attending this conference is to ensure that we have every opportunity to attract and hire the best young talent for our company. This Forum will give me access to the experiences and best practices of many top employers, the latest research regarding our target audience, and access to a network other employers and schools that we can learn from.


The Campus Recruiting Forum is a comprehensive two-day educational program that focuses on equipping professionals involved in attracting, engaging and recruiting students with skills that will allow us to:


  • Fine tune our strategy to attract top students
  • Evaluate and select target schools
  • Position our Employee Value Proposition for campus
  • Build a stronger business case to gain more resources
  • Build and develop our brand on campus
  • Optimize our co-op and internship programs


Below is the brief agenda for this two-day conference. I think we can agree that gaining insight from experienced campus recruiting professionals on these topics would be valuable as we continue to develop strategies and further develop our processes and brand on campus.


Day 1 of the conference will cover a range of relevant topics, including:


  • Strategic Planning
  • Building Your Business Case
  • Employer Branding and Your EVP
  • Campus Relations and Building Your Presence
  • Leadership/Rotational Programs
  • Co-op & Internships
  • Target School Selection


Day 2 will explore these topics:


  • Tearing up the rule book: a new approach to hiring the best on campus
  • What are they thinking? What today’s students want from their careers
  • Recruiting the best on campus: What really works
  • Best practices in rotational leadership development programs
  • Student Panel – we will learn what students from multiple disciplines are expecting from employers
  • Recruiting in the toughest campus markets: Employer Panel Discussion
  • And more to be announced closer to the event date


As you can see from this list of past attendees, a very wide variety of organizations and industries are represented. I believe that having a unique opportunity to network with these kinds of organizations will prove to be very beneficial in my professional growth within the company.


If you are interested in learning more about the Campus Recruiting Forum, you can find the website here:


The cost for this two day conference is $995.


Let me know your thoughts and if I can provide you with any additional information that might aid in making a decision.


Thank you!


(Your Name Here)

P.S. Please feel free to take a look at a few testimonials from past attendees:

Amy Squire, University lead, Johnson & Johnson: “Excellent forum to share best practices and networking with other campus recruiting professionals!”

Salina Dharamsi, National Campus Talent Acquisition Manager, PwC: “What I loved most about the Campus Recruiting Forum was the diversity of perspectives that were represented in the room. From public practice and oil and gas to career centers and students, there was a great amount of perspectives on each topic which made the day truly invaluable.”

Anne Veloso, Senior Director, HR, CMLS Financial: “Hearing from leaders in the industry is relevant, timely and meaningful. The sessions are a good mix of presenting and discussion. Folks are open and willing to share best practices, tools and ideas.”

Ashley Ellerbeck, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Canfor: “Fantastic conference! Edgy, relevant, strategic. The Campus Recruiting Forum provided tools and tactics that will change the way we recruit.”

For a full list of event testimonials please follow the link below: